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Have you ever noticed how food always feels like a series of binary choices? Processed or homemade. Delicious or healthy. Fast or quality. Well, we don’t buy it. milli does the heavy lifting so you can have it all: flavor-packed, nutritious, and earth-friendly mylk, ready whenever the mood strikes.

make it yummier

Crafted by chefs for maximum deliciousness.

We make creamy, craveable mylks from 100% organic plants. You won’t need to Google any of our ingredients, either—milli is packed with only the good stuff. Our signature botanical blends are greater than the sum of their parts: nutrient-packed, froth-able, kinda addictive (sorry), and endlessly versatile.

Woman enjoying a glass of the creamiest organic non dairy almond milk.
make it fresher

Potent ingredients, freeze-dried fresh.

We searched the world for suppliers that were treating their people and our planet right—farming their land sustainably and focusing on growing exceptional food—to bring you mylk that feels as good as it tastes. Every ingredient we use is harvested at its ripest, most delicious and good-for-you point. We then prepare the mylk and freeze-dry it so we can lock in that goodness without adding preservatives or nasty fillers.

hands cracking almonds to make fresh organic almond milk
make it easier

Simple to prepare, tough to stop drinking.

As grandmas the world over have told us: homemade is best. Fresh, more nutritious for our bodies, and yummier for our taste buds. With milli, you get all of that scratch-made satisfaction without breaking a sweat hustling to grocery stores when you run out or coordinating messy kitchen experiments. Our mylks are ready in a couple of shakes—and totally grandma-approved.

Woman pouring water into a glass milk bottle of freeze-dried vegan milk mix.
make it greener

Big flavors, minus the footprint.

From our responsibly sourced ingredients to our backyard-compostable packaging, energy efficient freeze-drying, and reusable glass bottles, every decision we’ve made is with the Earth in mind. Alongside sustainability group Seaborne, we’re working to reduce our footprint and go carbon neutral by 2023. We’ve poured our hearts into doing the right thing, and we think it’s a difference you can taste.

Person standing at the edge of a lake reflecting the surrounding mountains.
Where our ingredients come from

We searched the world for suppliers that were treating their people and our planet right—to bring you mylk that feels as good as it tastes.

World map displaying locations of ethically sourced nuts used in Milli Mylk plant based milks.

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