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Say hello to your new favorite mylk

It’s creamy, craveable, and ready in seconds

Meet milli

We make plant-based mylks that are as nutritious as they are delicious. We harvest whole ingredients at their peak freshness, "mylk" and freeze-dry them to lock in all that goodness. Just add water for the freshest mylk.

Say goodbye to mysterious ingredients, bland concoctions, or watery compromises—and helloooo to effortlessly tasty goodness.

Shake things up

Our Starter Kit has everything

you need to make milli at home

The milli mission

Make it yummier

Crafted by chefs for maximum deliciousness. We make creamy, craveable mylks from 100% organic plants. All the good stuff, none of the nasties. Learn more

Make it fresher

Potent ingredients at peak nutrition. Our mylks are made exclusively with plants that have been harvested, "mylked", and then freeze-dried at their ripest, most delicious and good-for-you point. Learn more

Make it easier

Simple to prepare, tough to stop drinking. We do the all heavy lifting so you can have fresh mylk in seconds—whenever you want and wherever you are. Learn more

Make it greener

Big flavors, minus the footprint. From our responsibly sourced ingredients to our backyard-compostable packaging, energy-efficient processing, and reusable glass bottles, every decision we’ve made is with the planet in mind. Learn more

Spill the mylk

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Folks are talking
“It’s like drinking a fluffy, nutty, delicious cloud!”

- Ali F.
“Simply put, milli mylk is the best milk I have ever tasted, plant-based or otherwise. They have really struck on something special.”

- Victoria P.
“My two year old stole the bottle and chugged it in the corner... we're hooked!”

- Adam R.
“I am so addicted to milli…now it’s the only mylk I can drink”

- Carmen B.